Emily Churchill

Emily Churchill


Emily founded ERC Consulting, a specialist real estate project management firm, in June 2019, and has been a consultant with Impact Delta since August 2021. She advises on construction projects in the hotel, commercial, theatre and aviation sectors and on infrastructure initiatives. An important part of her work involves working with client and delivery teams to minimize the negative impacts of construction on the environment and on communities where large-scale building work is planned or underway. Before founding ERC Consulting, she worked on several sustainable real estate projects in Europe and Australia. A key catalyst behind the creation of ERC Consulting was growing market demand to bring sustainability to large scale ventures.

In addition to her professional experience, she is a mentor for the Girls Network where she works with girls aged 16 -18 from London’s least-advantaged communities.

She graduated from University College London’s Bartlett Institute for the Built Environment with a first-class honours degree in Project Management for Construction. She is currently pursuing a MSc in Environment, Politics and Development at SOAS, from which she will graduate in 2023.

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