We Believe

  • The world faces urgent environmental and social challenges. Business as a force for good is a growing movement throughout the world, because companies are well-positioned to innovate, disrupt, and re-think existing paradigms.
  • Investors have a central role to play in choosing to fund companies whose businesses are managed sustainably and intentionally create solutions to pressing global challenges.
  • We are at an inflection point. The motivation to allocate capital to ESG-aware investments among asset owners has never been higher, while evidence for ESG's materiality to returns continues to grow.


We exist to accelerate the adoption of a more responsible capitalism.


A world where investment decisions are taken with their full impact in mind.

What We Do

Impact and ESG Consulting for Investment Firms

Topics we have been asked to address include:

  • Development of an impact launch plan for a middle market private equity fund
  • Analysis of which SDGs are most investable, and which have the most capital flowing into them from other firms
  • Evaluation of different impact measurement approaches
  • ESG-related deal sourcing
  • Considerations specific to impact investing in real assets
  • Development of ESG-related thought leadership, messaging and content
Why We Are Different

A Flexible, Efficient Approach

For firms exploring the business case to enhance their ESG performance, or launch an impact strategy, Impact Delta offers a unique value proposition. Its team has deep experience in the investment management industry, access to a wide network of other experts, and considerable current knowledge of the ESG and impact space.

We have a differentiated expert-basedefficient, and flexible approach.

  • Expert-based, because we have brought together a network of the most seasoned and credible practitioners in the industry — a true “expert network.”
  • Efficient, because we bring only what a GP cannot source from existing consulting relationships or in-house staff: we don’t carry substantial infrastructure for generic data analysis or slide production. The experience of Impact Delta’s advisors get clients to the best answers quickly.
  • Flexible, because we are able to bring in the relevant experts only for the specific project, or part of project, where they are needed.
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Firm Background

Where Did Impact Delta Come From?

  • A shift in the investment industry. Starting in 2016, ESG considerations moved into the mainstream for investment managers, and large established alternatives firms began to launch billion-dollar impact investing strategies. This societal trend towards climate action and sustainability has since continued to grow, illustrated by the output of the 2019 Business Roundtable, among many other examples.
  • Prior career experiences. At McKinsey and PIMCO, Charles de Segundo held roles that have turned out to be relevant to restructuring a firm's approach to ESG, or an impact business launch. These included research and the development of thought leadership, including of ESG-related content; asset-raising and client relationship management; corporate marketing and campaign oversight; product development; sales force enablement and training; and go-to-market strategy. Senior advisors Steve Gilbert and Rick Gaenzle bring decades of deal experience in industrials and digital infrastructure businesses. Many similar businesses are impact investors’ targets today.
  • Inbound inquiry. Investment management firms, corporates, and the firms that advise them have sought to respond to the groundswell of demand for ESG-aware products and services. People in the founding team’s networks sought advice on questions related to impact investment product strategy, corporate ESG questions, asset-raising tactics, and market messaging -- all of which related to our prior experiences.

The time had come to launch a professional services firm to address these questions, and accelerate the deployment of capital against the SDGs.