Jaylin Grier

Jaylin Grier


Jaylin is a Senior Business Finance Major, Philosophy Minor at Morehouse College. His investment industry internships include serving as an Investment Research Analyst for 3×5 Partners, a growth-oriented life science venture capital firm based in Portland, Oregon, and Noro Moseley Partners, a venture capital firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, that focuses on SaaS technology and healthcare. During his time at Noro Moseley, he identified select companies that were later added to the portfolio, as either add-on acquisitions or new investments.

He has also served as an intern with The Dragon Group, a sustainability and construction management consulting firm, where he was able to work on projects such as Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium and various single-family apartment complexes across the city.

He serves as the Morehouse Business Association (MBA) Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, in which he facilitates corporate relationships and sponsorships between top corporations, the university, and the students within it. He has also served as Morehouse’s Student Ambassador President, which is the principal student liaison for the college’s admissions department.

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