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How Hot?

What if atmospheric carbon doubled?

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Periodically, we share updates and content that we produce, as well as select other news that caught our eye. In this issue:

How Hot? A better answer to the question: How hot is the Earth going to get, if atmospheric carbon dioxide doubles from pre-industrial levels? For 40 years, scientists could only estimate a range of 1.5-4.5 °C. The conclusion of a huge study, published last week, is the range is more like 2.6-3.9 °C.

Rethinking ESG in Private Equity – a recently published white paper Charles de Segundo co-authored with Paula Luff. In the post-pandemic world, firms may be tempted to take their old ESG approach and do it more intensely. We argue a reframing is in order.

An Asset Owners Guide to ESG – also co-authored with Paula. As flows into ESG-branded strategies grow, a common question is “how do we know if an investment manager is serious about ESG?”. This 8-point guide can help.

The Facts. In each issue, I share a few facts. Pre-industrial carbon dioxide levels were around 280 ppm, and fluctuated between about 180 and 300 ppm over the last 800,000 years. Today, that level is 415 ppm. This represents a trillion tons (or a “teraton”) of atmospheric carbon dioxide that have been added to the atmosphere since the industrial revolution began.

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